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Information Technology Professionals

Whether you are struggling with pesky computer issues, or looking for total project management on a specialized audio system installation, Eastman Technology Solutions is here for you. With over 15 years of experience in information technology, our professional team has the know-how to get the job done. 



Looking for a professional opinion? Need an estimate for price and timing on a job? Just don't know what product to go with for a new audio system?  Are you unsure of your needs and would just like some friendly, unbiased advice?  Our consultation services are affordable and our team is friendly and respectful of both your privacy and unique needs.  We will advise if we can help you directly, and if we can't, we'll work to refer you to a trusted resource that can.

Project Management


Handling a big project can be a overwhelming. With moving components involving multiple contractors, products, and timing, some jobs need a bit of guidance. Our total project management services will take you from the initial consultation and plan formation, all the way to the finish line. We work directly with clients and vendors to understand, plan, and implement technology projects following industry standards and guidelines.

Installation, Repair, Upgrade


Our team handles all types of technology needs, from hardware installations on new projects, to repairs and upgrades on old systems. We can help with purchasing new computer and networking hardware, as well as supporting your existing applications. Our experience ranges from deploying Point of Sale systems (PoS) in the food industry to implementing enterprise-wide electronic health records and speech recognition platforms in the medical field.

Computer Troubleshooting, Repair & Education

Rainbow Keyboard

Sometimes computers offer challenges that seem insurmountable. With more than 20 years of IT support experience between our experts, Eastman Technology Solutions can help you resolve most computer problems.  We offer affordable initial assessments and can provide accurate estimates on additional troubleshooting and repairs.   We can help you support your home and/or business networks.  Do just need someone to work with you through your computer questions?  We provide education services too!

Residential & Commercial Audio/Visual Installations

Big Speaker

We specialize in Audio/Visual product installations that connect into your existing networks and are easy to use.  Whether residential or commercial, we can bring your vision to reality. We partner with industry leaders to assess, design, and install A/V technology that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.  We enjoy designing whole-home/business audio solutions that give our customers the ability to listen to what they want, where they want, when they want. 

Sales & Support

Electronic Circuit Board

We work directly with retailers to get you the best products for your project, assuring that your capital is wisely expensed. While we are happy to provide purchasing guidance for your needs, we also have the resources to quickly procure any solution you may need ranging from basic cables and cords to specialized computer equipment.

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