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If you need hands on I.T. support and want fast, responsive expertise then Eastman Technology Solutions (ETS) is here for you! We help people find solutions to the technology problems they are struggling with.  No problem is too big...or too small. With a broad range of services offered, ETS is likely to have the tools and knowledge to address whatever your technology needs may be!

Here to Help you with all your technology needs.

Local Expertise

Tired of waiting on the phone for overseas IT help?

Eastman Technology Solutions offers technology expertise from a local, friendly, family-owned company.  We are community driven and strive to meet all of our customers needs!  Our business is built on responsiveness, integrity, and professional service.

Small business friendly

Do you feel like you aren't valued by big I.T. companies? Our local team is based right here in central New Hampshire! We value our customers time and our community, and will bring support to all levels of your business.

Private accounts

We offer our broad range of services to everyone! Whether it's a large project for a local business or minor troubleshooting on your home computer system, Eastman Technology Solutions will be here for you!

Not sure where to start?  Our consultation services can assist in identifying what services you need!

Helping you find the right I.T. solutions.

Our goal is to help you find the right solutions!  Whether it be a large scale project consultation and management or minor troubleshooting on a home PC/Network, our services are fast, insightful, and targeted to meet your specific needs!


We can evaluate and repair your devices.  If repair isn't possible, we can work with you to acquire a replacement.

We offer information technology project management services geared toward assuring your success.

We can partner with you to implement individualized A/V solutions for either your home, your business, or both!

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